Posted by: Mircea | June 9, 2012


There is nothing violent in our nature, absolutely nothing. Just somehow get our actions to be violent. How do we get there? Perhaps it start with a childhood episode when I was forced to do something. Of course I had to brush my teeth, otherwise I would have had no teeth today. Just that something happened there. I learned a pattern of behavior, I learned how I should be even if i were not so. Sure, some rules make sense (like you should wash not to get sick) but others come from the projections of the people who raised us. Roughly you MUST be the best

The idea is that we get to have a picture of “what should be” and a picture of who we are. Then the solution is of course … ok, make efforts to be as it should. But I am not so. Shut up and do it. So we apply this to parents, grandparents. If they say we gotta be somehow we make efforts to be so. Even worse is that after a while we start to apply this solution automatically, not to say that we apply it to what we think others want. We want someone to love, us we must do as they say. And when it gets to 10 people with contradicting “needs” then it gets really fun. You gotta be that, that and that. Well but we are not. Loser. ” So we try, do everything possible, exceed the limits. And end up not listening to the part of us that goes “you know, I can not, it hurts everywhere.” Because that’s lame, nobody likes the crybaby, right? And we need results.

Until we reach the hospital. And we do not know why (they say). What the fuck? What are we gonna do now? We should change something.  Maybe with a little spirituality. Although if you read a little Bible, it’s like the same thing. Do it … or God sends you to hell. So we get to push ourselves so that God or the yoga teacher like us … Completely different? Not really …

Well well, what then? Well then go talk to “crybaby”. Go see that angry kid. What’s up kid? What do you need? A new car, an apartment? No … what would I do with that? I just sit under a tree and play and maybe some strawberries. Well kid, but you know … you’re 30 years old now and your parents can’t sustain you anymore. You must now care for themselves. I know I know … I’ll go and work but let me work at my own pace … and promise to take me to the park after. That’s a deal adult child

Posted by: Mircea | June 2, 2012

Action & non-action

There are 2 things that can touch me to the core nowadays. The first one is sitting on a bench under a tree. That’s enough to get me so relaxed, makes me aware of the inner peace, the underlying peace that is there all the time. Those trees can speak of eternity and peace like nothing else. And there’s the other thing that can touch me and that’s dancing. All it takes is a few beers and good music and I start dancing like there’s no tomorrow. There’s just that experience, I am completely empty in that moment.

And then I ask myself which one is my true nature. Action or non-action? Energy or consciousness? Doing or just being? Seems like the answer is both. As long as I am alive there will be action and even when there’s action, the underlying peace is still there, there’s still a peace “taste” in all experiences.

Posted by: Mircea | April 12, 2012

We think too much

You don’t need to be a spiritual person to realize that. When you are on the dance floor and invested “all in” everything is just perfect. And as soon as you go … well, am I dancing well enough? does she like me? you start getting … agitated. Or everything is cool when you’re out for a beer … unless you start thinking about work of course.

So I guess there’s not many people to disagree with that. Now we need to stop thinking, right? Well … first let me state that stopping thinking sounds a bit aggressive and you might think that requires a gung ho attack or some similar stuff. I would rather use relax because it’s more precise. You don’t have to fight with the mind to relax. I mean mind fighting mind to stop will only get to more mental activity. So the right approach is rather to relax the mind.Last thing you need is a “veggie” mind. You’ll need the mind 10 mins later when you have to do the shopping.

Relax relax but how? First you will realize that you cannot give the task to relax to the mind. It will be interpreted as a doing and it will do something to relax. Mind just cannot do that. The best method for relaxing a muscle is to fully flex the muscle and then release. It’s a bit counter intuitive but it works. So the second best would be to focus the mind. That skill is present in the mind (or at least it can be trained). You pick a point on the wall, and look at it for 3 mins, then release.

Sure … this is a technique and only has limited “results” capability. But if you look at the “spiritual” techniques they are all similar to this in some way. You don’t move (or move very slow) because it’s hard to focus if you’re running around, at least in the beginning. So you have something boring and repetitive that you should do. Move your leg, watch the breathing, watch the tip of the nose, watch physical sensations. Just do 1 thing at a time with full focus. Just bring the mind to that thing over and over until it can focus.

And that skill can be taken to everyday life. If you walk, just walk. If you cook, just cook. If you do the laundry, just do the laundry. Just focus on what’s in front of you. That’s it …

Posted by: Mircea | March 30, 2012


Yeah, I know … I should accept everything as it is. Cool … but what does that really mean? Here’s my current take on it. It might change in a month.

1. Accepting what is. What is is Nobody even asks you if you want things in another way. So if the tire is flat you change the tire and that’s it. What sense would “but it shouldn’t be flat” make? Bullshit, non sense. Blah blah that will make you feel even worse. Or if I got angry, I got there. What benefit do I get from “but I shouldn’t be angry” other then punishing myself? I hate that son of a bitch and that’s what’s going on right now whether I like it or not. So there is no point in fighting with what is going on already.

2. So I go to a club and they play house music and I don’t like it. Sure, I can accept (not that anyone asked me) that this is house music and current state of things is I don’t like it. Cool … so what do we do next? Well first it would be interesting to see why I don’t like this. Because I tend to have thoughts like “this music is shit” and “they should change the music” and “those guys are complete idiots”. Those are all thoughts so of course it makes sense to investigate a bit those thoughts. Do I really know that? How does that make me feel? How do I treat others when I believe that? and so on. Because it might be that it’s just some preferences. I like it green, you like it red. So what?

Just a bit more on this topic. People tend to “accept” by just adding a new mechanism. And that’s either filtering it out aka putting the shit under the carpet. I shouldn’t be angry so I filter out any anger thought. See? No anger. Or option 2 is adding a new thought of acceptance. And that’s more like “I wish I could kick this fucker’s butt but I accept everything as it is”. Worthless again. The only option is really resolving the cause. Seeing that the thought is just bs. And that’s not always possible. But if the resolution is not possible, just let it be. Don’t pretend the problem is solved. The fight will go on … at least do it in the open.

3. Even if we usually mean “I like it” by good and “I don’t like it” by bad, that does not mean there’s no good and bad. War for money, raped girls and so on are just fucking wrong. WRONG. No matter how you rationalize that it’s still bullshit. And if you don’t see that, you’re just an idiot with a philosophy. There is no free will so I don’t really decide to rape her. BULLSHIT. All it takes is to be honest with yourself and see if that’s bad or just a preference. Buddhists have explicit “step 1 – refrain from doing shit step 2 – help”. And that also means start with yourself before you want to change the world. And when you know what’s good and bad then you can work to change the world. Only then, not because “I want it blue cause I like blue”.

4. So we recognize it’s bad so we want to do something about it. Kick this fucker’s ass. Hmm … that would only add more violence. And even if my intention is good, the result is more shit. The big wars were always in the name of love and God (with human rights latest trend). We should have learned something from history by now. That’s surely not the way. All we can do is serious change by small steps. Lots of small steps. Steering at 180 degrees by 1 degree at a time. And that means people we know, ourselves, communities and so on.  It will take time but that’s the only way I know. Remember, Buddha started this 2500 years ago. Just do your part, whatever that means. Start with yourself, change your environment. When the critical mass is reached, the world will change. It’s already doing so.

Posted by: Mircea | March 29, 2012

Direct perception using the mind

I guess we know it’s all about direct perception. Direct perception. But we have no idea how to do this. So we take the tool we use all the time (mind) and try to do that. So first we need to define what direct perception is. Even though we know what it is. But yeah, we have to be serious about it. So we have to define it. Is it direct perception also if I use the senses? And I guess in the end we can come with a decent complete 1 page definition of what direct perception is. Cool, now we need a plan. We need to know how to get there. Fix all details, define all steps and in about 1 month we’re gonna get there. And we start “direct perceiving”. Or at least we do some mental game of “let’s play direct perception”. And then it’s done and we can brag about it. Have a nice theory about direct perception and life goes on.

Right? Wrong. That’s not even close to direct perception. That’s thinking about direct perception. It’s like trying to cook with the vacuum cleaner. You can clean the kitchen but that’s as far as you can go. For actual cooking the vacuum cleaner cannot help. There’s nothing wrong with the vacuum cleaner but it cannot help in cooking. Just let the vacuum cleaner rest and cook.

Posted by: Mircea | March 10, 2012


We tend to want many things in life. We want to have a nice career, a nice family, go out and have lots of friends, develop spiritually and many more. And we want all of them at the same time. And we tend to forget that all these goals are not always moving in the same direction, that they do conflict sometimes. Like if you want to be very successful, we might work like 10 hours per day, a bit in the weekend, a bit at home. And sure that means less time for family, less energy to go out. It’s only natural.

So that tends to happen also from a spiritual point of view. We all want to be more peaceful (at least so we say), be less at conflict with reality and so on. And that takes … time and effort. Yes, it takes allot of effort until everything is effortless. So in the end it all gets to … how bad do you want it? Do you want it bad enough to make it your number 1 priority? Are you willing to spend 10 years working on yourself or 1 month would be too much? Because you just get as much as you put in. Are you willing to give up 10% of energy to monitor yourself while you work? Are you willing to e.g. go out less and meditate more? Are you willing to listen to enlightened people instead of watching TV?Are you willing to leave the first cozy spot you find to go all the way? Are you willing to take all the pain unconditioning comes with?

And no, chit chat about it is not actual work. It’s all about practice … your experience. Nobody can do that for you. Nobody. Some can point the path but you gotta do the steps. It’s up to you I guess …

Posted by: Mircea | January 28, 2012

Alive and alive

There’s this game playing on lately. There are moments when mind is not around, when I am really present in that experience. And because mind is not there, there’s of course not many memories about it. Memories do need the labeling machine. So if I go out and am really present when I come back home there’s not many memories about it. Or if I just sit there’s not much recorded about it. The feeling of peace is not recorded. So when the mind comes back and takes the checklist it will go: “Anything interesting happened?” “Nope.” “Did you pick up any check?” “Nope.” “What did you do all night then?” or “What did you do all day?” “Nothing.” “Nothing interesting ever happens here.” And then I go back to a nice peaceful mood and go “see, it is nice”. But that’s not recorded so 10 minutes later we start again.

It’s funny how with less thoughts you are more and more alive but still from mental point of view you are less alive. Guess I think too much ..

Posted by: Mircea | January 26, 2012

Never there

In yoga they have the concept of karma yoga. Which roughly means you should be aware while you work. You should be present. And this can apply to anything you do, anything can be a practice as long as you do it right. As long as you are aware, as long as you really live that experience. Easy, right? Well … not what we normally do. I am becoming more and more aware that I am not there even in the smallest things. I am always doing stuff just “to get this over it”. And this means faster then I should and not there.  Taking a shower and mentally I am already going to work. Going to work and mentally at work. At work and mentally at home. Just never there. Never taking the time to be there.

Sure … it might sound like bad news but being aware of it you can change it. Just drag yourself into the here & now over and over again.

Posted by: Mircea | January 16, 2012

Fighting fire with fire

Everybody wants to stop thinking, stop the mind. Sure … we are far better when the mental noise is off. And you cannot really fight thoughts since that will me more “stop thinking” thoughts. And you cannot stop them either (you can pretend they don’t exist but that’s pretty much all you can do).

So you should go the other way around … start ignoring them. Thoughts get energy from attention. If you stop giving them attention they wither and die. So the simple way is not giving them energy. Fighting them means lots of attention => lots of energy. And to do that you can even use other thoughts. Thoughts fight for the same “emission time” so if you put a good thought in that will get from the energy of the others. What would be a good thought? A thought that is very neutral. Some good examples would be “let’s just observe”, “let’s see how this feels”, “what’s real now?”, answer-less “who am I?” . Roughly what these have in common is seeing the present from a detached position, seeing thoughts and not identifying with them.

Sure, then you get to the point where you will have only a bunch of thoughts which are “the chosen ones”. But since those thoughts don’t have a self-perpetuation mechanism you’ll be fine

Posted by: Mircea | December 10, 2011

How do you “achieve” bliss?

Ramana says that all the bliss comes from the Self, true nature, life flowing, God just choose your name. And this bliss is like the Sun shining … it does shine all the time. All the time.

Now the mind is like an opaque window. If you close it, there is no Sun, if you open it the Sun is shinning. So you would assume the window is the cause of the light. You assume happiness (sun shinning fully) and unhappiness (no Sun) and intermediates are products of the mind (window). Even if the Sun is there all the time. So in this context how do you “achieve” bliss?

You listen to some music and your mind shuts up, the Sun shines. So then you say you are happy because of the music. Or you meet your boss and mind becomes agitated and the Sun does not shine anymore. And you think it’s because of him. And there’s no Sun anymore. Well … open up the window

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