Posted by: Mircea | June 9, 2012


There is nothing violent in our nature, absolutely nothing. Just somehow get our actions to be violent. How do we get there? Perhaps it start with a childhood episode when I was forced to do something. Of course I had to brush my teeth, otherwise I would have had no teeth today. Just that something happened there. I learned a pattern of behavior, I learned how I should be even if i were not so. Sure, some rules make sense (like you should wash not to get sick) but others come from the projections of the people who raised us. Roughly you MUST be the best

The idea is that we get to have a picture of “what should be” and a picture of who we are. Then the solution is of course … ok, make efforts to be as it should. But I am not so. Shut up and do it. So we apply this to parents, grandparents. If they say we gotta be somehow we make efforts to be so. Even worse is that after a while we start to apply this solution automatically, not to say that we apply it to what we think others want. We want someone to love, us we must do as they say. And when it gets to 10 people with contradicting “needs” then it gets really fun. You gotta be that, that and that. Well but we are not. Loser. ” So we try, do everything possible, exceed the limits. And end up not listening to the part of us that goes “you know, I can not, it hurts everywhere.” Because that’s lame, nobody likes the crybaby, right? And we need results.

Until we reach the hospital. And we do not know why (they say). What the fuck? What are we gonna do now? We should change something.  Maybe with a little spirituality. Although if you read a little Bible, it’s like the same thing. Do it … or God sends you to hell. So we get to push ourselves so that God or the yoga teacher like us … Completely different? Not really …

Well well, what then? Well then go talk to “crybaby”. Go see that angry kid. What’s up kid? What do you need? A new car, an apartment? No … what would I do with that? I just sit under a tree and play and maybe some strawberries. Well kid, but you know … you’re 30 years old now and your parents can’t sustain you anymore. You must now care for themselves. I know I know … I’ll go and work but let me work at my own pace … and promise to take me to the park after. That’s a deal adult child


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